Get Healthy Without Working Out

139246602Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to become a gym rat to get healthy. These simple steps can help you eliminate excess weight and bloating from your midsection, which goes a long way toward a healthy body.

  1. Practice Good Posture

When you stand up straight, you naturally engage your core. Core strength is essential for a healthy body. For proper posture, create space between your ears and your shoulders, and drop your shoulders back.

  1. Drink Fluids

The body hoards water when it doesn’t get enough fluids, which can add a whopping four pounds to your midsection. Try to drink six 8-ounce glasses of water per day.

  1. Use the Bathroom

When you feel the urge to use the restroom, make the time for it. If you get in the habit of putting it off, you can become constipated, which results in bloating.

  1. Enjoy Your Food

Eat your meals slowly and with purpose. Make sure you chew your food properly before you swallow. When your stomach and intestines have to work overtime to break down food, it can lead to gas and indigestion.

  1. Take Probiotics

Probiotics help your body break down food. This “good bacteria” is present in yogurt, and you can also purchase probiotic supplements. Make sure you get supplements with strains acidophilus and bifidobacterium, and purchase them from a reputable vitamin company.

  1. Walk

Walking even just 30 minutes a day can boost your metabolism, and will thus help you take inches off your waist more easily. Walking is better than any type of exercise gadget that is marketed to create “washboard” abs. These gadgets can actually be dangerous, as many force you to move your body in unnatural ways while restricting overall movement.

  1. Don’t Chew Gum

Chewing gum can make you swallow excess air, which will increase your waistline. If you need to freshen your breath, suck on a mint instead.

  1. Take a Supplement

Studies have shown that calcium D-glucarate and B-complex supplements can help your body get rid of excess estrogen. Excreting the hormone decrease your midsection.

  1. Relax

Stress can affect your digestive system, which can lead to constipation. Stress also produces more cortisol, which leads to the “fight or flight” response. When your body is in “fight or flight,” the cortisol hormone sends fat to directly to your stomach in an effort to protect your organs. Try to spend at least 20 minutes a day doing something relaxing that you enjoy.

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Exercise While You Shop? SOLD!

151333058Instead of having to decide between the gym and the mall, you can bring the gym to the mall with these great tricks. Buy the perfect outfit and burn calories all at the same time.

  1. Shop in the store, not online.

    You won’t get much exercise tapping a keyboard, but it’s impossible to shop in person without getting a bit of a workout.

  1. Circle the store’s perimeter before you shop.

    You’ll add extra steps this way before you try anything on, and you just might find the perfect sweater in a hidden corner.

  1. Get yourself another size.

    If you’re in the dressing room and need another size, get it yourself instead of asking a friend or attendant.

  1. Park far from the entrance.

    Get a workout before you even enter the mall by parking as far away as possible. Then you’ll get another workout when you leave.

  1. Take the escalator instead of the elevator.

    Mall stairs can be too secluded to comfortably venture into alone, but you can take the escalator and walk up them instead of standing.

  1. Do a wall-sit in the dressing room.

    If you’re waiting for a friend to try on clothes, squat down against the wall and hold it for as long as possible.

  1. Focus on your posture.

    As you walk through the mall, pretend you’re walking on the beach in a bikini. This will help you keep proper posture that will activate your core.

  1. Carry as basket instead of using a cart.

    If you’re in a grocery or convenience store, opt for a basket. The weight from the basket will provide natural exercise.

  1. Walk briskly through the mall.

    When ambling from one store to another, try to walk quickly. The faster you walk, the higher your heart rate, which equals more calories burned.

  1. Do butt clenches in line.

    While you wait to get ringed up, clench your butt cheeks in, hold, and then release. Even just a few of these will be a great strength exercise.

Pick your favorite tricks, or try them all. You’ll be amazed how easy it can be to make exercise part of your everyday routine.

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10 Ways You’ve Been Drinking Wrong This Entire Time

167615558Think you know everything there is to know about fully enjoying your alcohol? Turns out there are some tricks that you may not have been aware of.

  1. You Don’t Keep Your Red Wine in the Refrigerator

Red wines, particularly cabernet sauvignon and pinot noir, stay fresher when they’re chilled. The ideal temperature is about 60 degrees Fahrenheit, so it’s even a good idea to chill your wine in the refrigerator for a few minutes after bringing it home from the liquor store.

  1. You Expose Your Bottled Beer to the Sun

Bottled beer can quickly start to smell like skunk after it’s been sitting in the sun. To remedy this, either switch to cans or keep your beer in the shade.

  1. You Aren’t Using a Brita Filter on Your Cheap Vodka

Run your cheap vodka through a filter four or five times in order to make the taste smoother.

  1. You Believe the Adage “Beer Before Liquor, Never Been Sicker”

It actually doesn’t matter whether you drink beer first or liquor first. The important thing is to pace yourself instead of drinking too much too fast.

  1. You Don’t Put Your Opened Wine in the Fridge

Once your wine has been opened, cork it and store it in the refrigerator until you’re ready to drink it again. This helps it maintain its freshness. However, wine only lasts about three days after it’s been opened, so throw it away as soon as it has expired.

  1. You Aren’t Chilling Your Alcohol Properly

In order to correctly chill your alcohol right before drinking it, place it in equal parts water and ice for about 10 minutes. Many people chill their alcohol in a bucket of ice with barely any water, but this only chills the bottom of the bottle.

  1. You Aren’t Swirling Your Wine Before Drinking It

Swirling wine actually helps enhance the flavor. When you swirl it before every sip, oxygen molecules and the wine mix together, which can increase the flavor by 50 percent.

  1. You Buy Flavored Vodka Instead of Doing It Yourself

Instead of buying flavored vodka, put the vodka and your desired fruit into a container and let it sit for about a day. The fruit will naturally infuse the alcohol.

  1. You Think You Need a Bottle Opener for Your Beer

While a bottle opener can be handy, a house key works just as well for popping off the cap.

  1. You’re Overfilling Your Wine Glass

Even if you plan to have a full glass of wine, don’t fill your glass all the way. Instead, fill it halfway and then refill it when you’re done. This way, the wine can be more exposed to the air as it sits in your glass, which makes it taste better.

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15 Holiday Gifts You’ll End Up Keeping for Yourself

Gift sets are always great for anyone on your present list. With these awesome snags, though, you just might keep them for yourself instead.

  1. Urban Decay

Urban Decay’s Lip Vault provides a bunch of awesome lipsticks and lip-glosses for only $195.

  1. Burt’s Bees

For those who prefer a subtler and more organic vibe, Burt’s Bees face essentials is a great natural cleansing kit.

  1. Deborah Lippmann

Get nine nail polishes for only $45 with the Deborah Lippmann Dressed to the Nines Limited Edition Collection.

  1. Clinique

The Clinique Holiday Helpers Set has everything you could want for your face in one kit, including a mask, lip balm and mascara.

  1. Bath & Body Works

Get festive body basics with the Bath & Body Works Holiday Traditions Gift Set in “Winter Candy Apple.”

  1. Peter Thomas Roth

The Peter Thomas Roth Mask-A-Holic Gift Set provides a variety of masks for any occasion and mood.

  1. Tarte Cosmetics

For those who know their beauty trends and how to apply them, the Tarte Cosmetics Stroke of Midnight Brush Set & Travel Case gives you five gold brushes and an oh-so cute case, all for $44.

  1. Violet Grey

The Violet Grey TSA-Approved Makeup and Styling Set is perfect for jetsetters who want to breeze past the security checkpoint without having to check a bag. This set holds everything a person could need away from home.

  1. BoxyCharm

This online beauty subscription gives you new products in each box from new and emerging brands. Each box holds four to five items, all full size.

  1. Make Up For Ever

The Make Up For Ever Lash Show Kit gives you false lashes, mascara and liner. You can dress up or dress down with this kit and still look fabulous.

  1. Marc Jacobs

Get the Marc Jacobs Mod Noir Gift Set, which includes a rollerball and 1.7-ounce parfum. The musky scent will make anyone smell great.

  1. Fresh

Fresh’s Sugar Lip Story Kit is ideal for keeping lips moisturized and gently sparkly during the winter and all year long.

  1. GlamGlow

GlamGlow’s GiftSexy Dazzling Hydration Set keeps your face looking radiant and glowing this winter with its 3-piece set.

  1. Rituals

The Rituals Hammam Treat Gift Set turns your daily shower into a calming ritual with these eucalyptus-scented products.

  1. Chanel

Get five lipsticks and five nail lacquers with Chanel’s Double the Delight Lipstick and Nail Set.

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The Importance of Sleep

Everyone knows that a good night’s sleep is essential to maintain high energy levels and a positive mood. But did you know that sleep provides myriad long-term health benefits? Here are a few reasons you should snag a few more z’s.

Improve Memory

Your brain never stops working, and while you’re sleeping, it is exercising your memory skills and increasing your memory’s capacity. This means that you will learn something new much more easily after a good night’s sleep than after a night of interrupted sleep.

Spark Creativity

While you’re sleeping, your brain reorganizes and restructures your memories, strengthening the emotional components of those memories and leading to enhanced creativity.

Reduce Stress

Sleep can help to reduce your overall stress level by enabling your body to better monitor your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Lose Weight

A University of Chicago study found that dieters who are well rested often lose more fat than those who are sleep deprived. This is because the hormone leptin creates your body’s sense of fullness, and when you are overly tired, your leptin levels drop, making you hungrier.

Improve Focus

A lack of sleep can result in ADHD-like symptoms, significantly impairing attention span and focus. This is true for both adults and children, and can impact academic and professional performance.

Avoid Depression

Getting a sufficient amount of sleep can provide greater emotional stability, decreasing your anxiety and your risk of depression.

Improve Athletic Performance

Studies have shown that athletes who sleep eight to ten hours a day significantly improve their stamina and performance while minimizing their daytime fatigue.

Minimize Pain

Research shows that people who get less than six hours of sleep a night are typically more prone to inflammation related to arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, stroke and aging. Getting a good night’s sleep can not only reduce inflammation but can also reduce chronic pain by raising your pain threshold.

Improve Sex Life

According to a poll conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, nearly 26% of people say that their sex life is impacted by their low energy levels. In addition, impaired sleep can reduce testosterone levels, further minimizing men’s libido.

Reduce Injuries

An estimated one in five car accidents in the U.S. results from sleep deprivation—that is approximately one million accidents annually. Get a good night’s sleep and drive safely.

Strengthen Immune System

According to a WebMD study, people who get seven or fewer hours of sleep per night are nearly three times more likely to contract the common cold as people who get at least eight hours of sleep per night. One hour could be the difference between a clear head and a congested head.

Surprised by the plethora of benefits that sleep provides? There are nearly countless reasons to make sure that you get a good night’s sleep. Regardless of your crazy schedule, make time for more sleep—it could save your life.

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Making The Best Of Your Day Off


With such a busy and hectic schedule, most people truly want to make the most out of their days off. There are tons of day off ideas for you to make use of yourself to make the absolute best of the time you have out of the workplace. By planning out your days off, you will find that you get more accomplished and are able to enjoy them a bit more than you normally would.

One way to enjoy your days off would be to fully relax and completely indulge in guilty pleasures. One such pleasure may be to simply sleep in or take a long and well-deserved nap in the middle of the day. Do something that you would not have normally done yourself like signing up for a dance class or learning to bake something delicious by watching a video or two. You can use your days off to try new things or do things that you have always wanted to explore.

You can also use your days off to be more productive around the house or in your life in general. Use this time to plan for the future by balancing your checkbook, putting money into your savings account or reviewing your bank statements. Create a budget so that you can better spend your money on important things. You might also want to make a list for yourself on your days off of things that you want to accomplish such as cleaning out that disastrous closet or pruning back the trees on your property.

Making the absolute most out of these day off ideas is one of the best ways to get things done and to feel great at the same time. You can even switch it up a bit by being more productive on one day off and being completely lazy on the next day off. When you visit our site at Karen’s Healthy Women Blog, you will find tons of tricks and tips for living a healthier and more productive life. Be sure to follow us for more on women, relationships, health, and more to always stay updated on the latest blog posts.

Our Favorite Women’s Yoga Clothing and Gear


Yoga is definitely a fun activity to engage in, minus the sweating or discomfort that can be associated without the right gear. To ensure your morning meditation sessions always leave you with the Zen and peace you seek, it is important to be comfortable through it all. Here is some ideal gear to make you the most exhilarated yogi lady:

The Gaiam Mat

This is the perfect mat to suit your hot yoga sessions. As your body sweats it off, the Gaiam mat ensures your base remains dry at all times. It has a cotton towel surface at the top to absorb all the moisture while the bottom has a rubbery layer to anchor the mat to the floor. Your heated power yoga sessions will definitely change for the better.

The Reach Tank

This is a yogi’s top that is completely breathable and perfect for stability and switching positions as you meditate. It’s made of springy fabric allowing you to push the limits in your stretch sessions and it’s open at the front and back for maximum breathability. The Reach Tank is perfect to take with you to the heated yoga room to keep the sweat dripping minimum.

Goddess Tank

Even as a yogi lady, you definitely have to look like a fashion goddess among your workout buddies. This tank top has a rich color and a lovely ruched design at the front and a scooped neckline. Combine it with racerback straps and a shelf bra of choice and you will definitely be the most glamorous in your yoga classes.

Bombshell Tank

Here is a nice alternative to the Goddess tank. It feels good to the skin too but the neck is more conservative compared to its counterpart. For the ladies with a sexy bust, this is the right top to make the male yogis swoon when they see you. It has inner removable cups to hold you firmly or set you free as you enjoy your yoga.

If you are looking for the ideal women’s yoga clothing, you can’t go wrong with the above selection. They are made from high quality breathable material that stretches for extra comfort.

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What Women Need To Know About Using Protein Powder

Protein Powder

A lot of women tend to think of protein powder as something that only body builders use. Since they aren’t interested in bulking up, they feel like they don’t need to touch it at all. Yet the reality is that everyone can benefit from some additional protein and consuming it in powdered form is often the most convenient way to do so. Read on if you wish to know more about the possible benefits of protein powder for women’s health.

You Need More Protein When Trying to Lose Weight

It’s not always about packing on more bulk. People who are trying to lose weight may want to look into getting protein powder to help them maintain their muscle mass throughout the process. When a person cuts weight, those pounds cannot be solely attributed to fat. Part of it is muscle and a bit of bone mass. Losing too much muscle will make a person weak and brittle. Keep the weight loss healthy by getting more protein into the body. This will help it synthesize muscle fibers to maintain the balance.

Protein Powder Can Boost Your Fitness Results

As for active individuals, it has been well-documented that the body craves for both protein and carbohydrates right after exercise. This is the perfect time to consume protein shakes and smoothies. Have one full glass handy and drink it 30 minutes to an hour after a gym session, morning run, or other physically taxing activities. The damaged muscles will be repaired more quickly allowing for a faster recovery. Athletes know this well which is why they drink lots of protein shakes every day. The faster they recovery, the more they can train without worrying about injuries resulting in improved performance.

Protein Can Come from a Variety of Sources

Whey protein is the most popular form of powder available today. It is known to be the most effective for the purposes discussed above. Lactose intolerant individuals can ask for the isolate variant to avoid the unwanted effects associated with dairy products.

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Everything You Need To Know About Trail Running


Are you getting a bit tired of running on the roads? It’s a fantastic exercise for losing weight and keeping fit but the monotony and constant pounding can take their toll. Trail running offers all of these benefits while providing better views and softer surfaces. The result is often a more enjoyable time outdoors. Try it for yourself to see why many of your friends are heading for the trails.

How to Get Yourself Ready

The transition can be seamless one if you make the changes gradually. Choose a fairly flat, dry, and smooth path in a familiar area for your first few attempts. Keep it short so you won’t have to carry any extras. Join trail running friends if you can but it’s not really necessary. Of course, it is best to attempt this while you are fit with no injuries. Doing a regular exercise routine will help provide you with the strength and endurance you’ll need whether running on the roads or the trails. Check out exercises for women that target the muscles around the thighs, hips and glutes.

What You’ll Need in the Long Run

If you enjoyed these runs then you might want to go into trail running more seriously. Perhaps you could join races from 5K to the marathon or even an ultra. For longer training sessions and races, you will need to arm yourself with the proper gear. These include trail shoes that have good grip for gnarly surfaces. Many races require participants to carry mandatory gear such as a headlamp, a lightweight jacket, a water bottle or bladder, a mobile phone, and trail food.

Where to Find Trails

Trails can be found anywhere. While most of the scenic ones can be found up in the mountains, there are plenty of paths around cities that runners can use for regular training. These include the bike paths and park trails present in most communities. In rural areas, dirt roads can be perfect as long as you take safety precautions such as going against the direction of incoming traffic.

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How To Be Less Needy In A Relationship


A healthy relationship is very essential in life. However, some people tend to be needier than others and this may prove unhealthy for the relationship. In the short term, the relationship may seem to be working but in the long run, the relationship may not succeed at all. However, there are things that you can do to help your needy partner enjoy the relationship and therefore be happier. The following relationship advice will help you in achieving happiness.

Mutual Understanding

The first step to helping a needy partner is to understand them. You should never take advantage of the situation to get what you want. Ensure that both of you make the decisions amicably without hurting the other. This way, they will feel appreciated and will strive to get better. The moment they know that they are important to you and that you really love them as they are, they will be comfortable and this will reduce adverse reactions to some situations. Never give a needy partner the chance to feel bad about their character or roles.

Supporting Needy Women

In most cases, needy women tend to react to their insecurity and therefore make things worse. However, this can be averted by supporting them in making better decisions about their life. The insecurity that comes from being the needy one can be overcome eventually through candid support and guidance. If you are not sure how you can guide such an individual, there is a lot of information online that you can use. You may also turn to a professional for help and guidance.

Help To Accept Situation

Most of the time needy women need to change the man in their lives to the ideal man they have in their head. They tend to look at him as the person he used to be in the past or the person they would like him to be in future. However, helping them in accepting the current situation will help them in overcoming some of the fears they have and therefore a better relationship will ensue. This will help them in voicing their fears and decisions better. The level of communication will improve and subsequently, the relationship will be healthier for both parties.

Neediness is a source of problems in many relationships. However, it is something that can be resolved if you put your heart to it. The relationship can work if you are willing to help your partner accept the current situation. Recognizing the efforts of any individual in a relationship will not only make them feel valued but will also promote the health of the relationship.

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